Events on in Marbella



We have live music every

Saturday and Sunday


14.00 hrs

Both days will be covered by our resident singers: Tomas & Michelle who sing a variety of music from swing to soul! TikiTano is famous for its live music shows in Marbella. Our shows provide the perfect backdrop for your fine dining experience. Please remember to check back often, and see a listing of our special performers for a wonderful night of live music in Marbella!

Our Next Show

Performing Live On Our Stage


24th January 2014 (Friday)

Entry Fee 7€ + IVA


January 2014 in La Sala

Wed 1 Jan Mayte
Thu 2 Jan Vicky & Ernesto
Fri 3 Jan Gemma
Sat 4 Jan Masquerade
Sun 5 Jan Sam Oliver (3-6pm), Masquerade
Mon 6 Jan Paul Maxwel
Tue 7 Jan Natalie 
Wed 8 Jan Mayte
Thu 9 Jan Southern Impact
Fri 10 Jan Gemma
Sat 11 Jan Masquerade
Sun 12 Jan Sam Oliver (3-6pm), Vicky & Ernesto (9-12pm)
Mon 13 Jan Paul Maxwel
Tue 14 Jan Natalie 
Wed 15 Jan Mayte
Thu 16 Jan Vicky & Ernesto
Fri 17 Jan Gemma
Sat 18 Jan Masquerade
Sun 19 Jan Sam Oliver (3-6pm), Masquerade 
Mon 20 Jan Paul Maxwel
Tue 21 Jan Zoe 
Wed 22 Jan Mayte
Thu 23 Jan Southern Impact
Fri 24 Jan Gemma
Sat 25 Jan Mayte and Emi
Sun 26 Jan Sam Oliver (3-6pm), Vicky & Ernesto (9-12pm)
Mon 27 Jan Paul Maxwel
Tue 28 Jan TBC 
Wed 29 Jan Mayte
Thu 30 Jan Vicky & Ernesto
Fri 31 Jan Gemma


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