No Theft. No Vandalism. No Parking Fees. No Problem!


How does the service work?

We send two ProBuddy drivers to the location where you want to be picked-up. One drives your car while the other follows behind to collect his colleague after he has delivered you home.

What are the advantages of using ProBuddy?

If you are out with your car but would like to enjoy a drink, we can drive both you and your car home so you have no overnight parking charges and no risk of vandalism, parking tickets or towing. Instead of paying a taxi fare that night and again the next day to collect your car, you simply call us in. It is cheaper than a return taxi fare and of course you have the convenience of having your car safely on your drive-way in the morning.

Do I need to prebook?

We can sometimes accommodate last-minute bookings but peak-periods are always busy and so in order to guarantee availability we highly recommend that you book 12-hours in advance. Journeys that originate outside of the Marbella /Puerto Banus centro areas should always call to check availability and must be prebooked.

Who are your drivers? How do I know I am safe?

Client safety is of paramount importance to us. We subject our drivers to a rigorous screening process. All drivers must submit to periodic random drug testing as well as criminal background and driving history checks. All of our drivers are a minimum of 30 years of age and speak perfect English.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Pre-booked reservations may be paid by Credit/Debit card via Paypal or you may pay with cash at the end of your journey.

How much notice do I have to give to book a driver?

We strongly recommend booking 12-hours in advance in order to guarantee availability. We will always do everything we can to accommodate last-minute bookings but naturally these are subject to availability on the night.

I’m holding an event - can you provide a team of ProBuddys to take care of my guests?

Yes! Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

If you need to change your pick-up time we ask that you call 1-hour prior in order to save our drivers a wasted journey.  For certain longer rides during peak periods we may ask for a credit card deposit in order to guarantee service.

Are there additional costs? Do you charge waiting time as taxis do?

Our standard charges are 7€ to come to you, 3€ per km for the 1st 10-kms and 1.50€ per km thereafter. We will happily wait 5-minutes after your scheduled pick-up time with no additional charge. After the free wait-time has expired we charge 1€ per minute. During busy periods the maximum wait-time may be capped at 15-minutes in order to ensure on-time service to our other clients and a minimum fare may apply. If you need to make additional stop-offs (to drop off friends for example) a fee of 10€ per drop-off will apply.

I need a ProBuddy to drive me for the whole night, is this possible?

Yes! You can hire a ProBuddy from 2-hours to as long as you want at very competitive rates. Please see our Pricing page for details.

What about Insurance?

We carry a Professional Indemnity / Public Liability Insurance Policy provided by Hiscox to the value of 150,000 Euros (view policy certificate here). Not withstanding this all clients will be required to complete a (free) ProBuddy Membership Agreement prior to using our services which you may view and download here.

Please note that your vehicle insurance policy must extend coverage to any driver over 30 years of age (as is typical in Spain) which will apply in all cases whilst the vehicle is being driven. If in doubt please check with your insurance company.

What are my responsibilities when using your service?

These are detailed in full here and cover common-sense aspects such as such as ensuring that your vehicle is legal, insured and in roadworthy condition, that your vehicle insurance covers our drivers and that you authorize us to drive your vehicle.

What do I need to bring with me on the night?

- Your car (and keys!)
- Proof of vehicle insurance
- Payment
- Plus of course you & your passengers!

How many passengers can you take?

We can take up to the maximum limit of people that your vehicle may legally carry. Please remember to allow one seat for your ProBuddy Driver!

Can I use ProBuddy during the day or for other purposes?

Yes! ProBuddy chauffeurs are also available to rent by the hour for more general tasks and errands such as school runs, medical appointments, dropping vehicles for servicing, hosting business guests or even those dreaded airport runs!

Need your visiting family/friends entertained for the day? No problem, a ProBuddy will get them to where they want to go and show them the sights if need be.

Or how about having a Team of ProBuddies drive your dinner party guests home at the end of the night? The ultimate gesture from the perfect host!

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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